Living Longer and Stronger with CBD, by Jim Collins, PhD

By Jim Collins, PhD

Living Longer and Stronger with CBD

Discover nature’s medicine.

Authored by Jim Collins, PhD, a renowned expert in wellness for seniors and older Americans, Live Longer and Stronger with CBD explores the science-based evidence surrounding the effectiveness of the plant-derived medicine, CBD.

This authoritative and educational guide to the history of CBD and its applied physical, emotional, mental, and neurological health benefits, reveals the ways this “miracle molecule” worked in the past and can benefit future generations. Learn how the 2018 Farm Bill changed the classification of hemp to a nutritional supplement, clearing the way for its resurgence. Also highlighted are the many ways CBD can help manage health issues, such as arthritis, cancer, gastrointestinal disorders, and OCD. Furthermore, CBD can assist with end-of-life care and help maximize the quality of life.

Whether you’re a current CBD user, a healthcare worker, or a curious individual, this must-read guide is for anyone who wants to learn about CBD and its potential to heal the body and mind.

Nationally-Recognized Aging and Wellness Expert

Dr. Jim Collins

Dr. Jim Collins is a Gerontologist and nationally-recognized expert in wellness and healthcare for seniors and older Americans. He has served as a college instructor and is the founder of Collins Learning, a highly-regarded education service that provides training to senior care health professionals around the country.

He graduated with the first degree in applied gerontological studies and earned a master’s in sociology and psychology of aging. He also holds a doctoral degree in health administration. He has since written countless articles, newsletters, and the first book about person-centered care for seniors.

With his background in physical, emotional and neurodegenerative age-related disorders, he has emerged as an expert voice in the CBD space as well. This passion led Dr. Collins to create Sapphire Essentials, with the mission to provide the highest-quality, all-natural medical hemp-based CBD products to older adults to maximize their quality of life.


You are about to read a book that brings clarity to a newly recognized system of the body, which has obviously been in existence for thousands of years. As will be explained below, the discovery came about while exploring how the components of the marijuana plant function within us. One of those components, CBD, has become popularized due to its healing potential. Dr. Collins explains in a factual and clear manner the potential of CBD as both a general support for our health, as well as a treatment adjunct for several clinical disorders. 

– Len Wisneski, MD, FACP

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